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Lessons & masterclasses

To be competitive in this ever-changing industry, you need to learn record to your instrument in a professional studio, play with a click-track and compose original pieces that stand out among the crowd. I know the skills you need and with my unique pedigree I have the expertise to teach you. 
I am endlessly impressed by my students. With my training and coaching, they have gone on to accomplish incredible things. My students can be found in the executive suites of Atlantic Records and Sony Records, on the stage of American Idol, and in prominent roles around the world.

My masterclasses and have been applauded by some of the greatest musical education institutions in the world, including USC, Vancouver Film School, ANU and the Shanghai Conservatory. I have also learned from some of the finest minds in the world, including the great John Williams, whose knowledge I'll pass down through my classes. After attending my fully-immersive classes, you’ll walk away with a greater understanding, knowledge and inspiration to help you achieve your musical goals.


I am a former faculty member of the Juilliard School of Music, where I taught music theory and counterpoint. I also had the opportunity to study composition, theory and counterpoint at the American Conservatory in Fontainebleau in France.  In my lessons we can cover all styles of contemporary classical composition from romanticism, minimalism and neo-classicism to aleatoric, twelve-tone and poly-tonality.  Additionally we can cover topics like: species counterpoint, Baroque counterpoint, functional harmony, four part writing and form. 

I specialise in preparing students for graduate and undergraduate level composition programs.

Film Scoring

From both my studies with John Williams and at the Julliard School, I developed a unique pedagogical method for teaching the fundamentals of composition for film and video games.  Topics include: melodic writing, harmony, orchestration, and mixing as well as spotting and film aesthetics.  My former students are award winning composers who have worked on Hollywood films such as: Sex in the City, Marmaduke, the Proposal, the Hangover, Pulse 2, Miracle at St. Anna, Disaster Movie, Revolutions and Supernatural.

Song writing & Production

I have years of commercial music industry experience and I currently teach songwriting, music production and audio engineering.  Many of my former students have been finalists on American Idol, the Voice, America's Got Talent and Teen Magazine as well as quadruple platinum record producers.

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